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I have experience of translating and proof-reading documents of all sizes in a local government environment since 1998 and as a freelance company across the public, private, health and voluntary sectors since 2016. The work undertaken has ranged from short tweets and social media messages to complex documents of 50,000+ words.


I am a member of Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru since June 2023.


Translation memory software, and spelling and grammar applications within Word, are used to ensure the accuracy and consistency of any translation work undertaken. Terminology in terms of specific subject areas such as legal, technical or health matters are also thoroughly researched online, again for accuracy and consistency.


Files can be accepted in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher formats. PDFs and HTML files are also acceptable however they may take longer to deal with. Please get in touch if your requirements involve any other format.

As a sole employee, I take great care to ensure standards of quality are maintained when returning work. All work is proof-read prior to being returned.

Social media work is often required immediately, and so the proof-reading has to be done as quickly as is the translating. Larger documents may need to be not only proof-read but formatted as well to ensure that the Welsh version matches the English visually and that headings are on the same page, page numbers match the index etc.

This also includes ensuring (through online research and verification) that email addresses or web page links are, where available, entered as the Welsh versions in the translation, and that logos, if not bilingual to begin with, are replaced with the correct Welsh equivalent, which may also involve online searches.

All this is done prior to sending the work back to the client. If the client then has the document graphically designed, I would expect a designed proof sent back to double check in case of any accidental errors in the design stage.

Final versions will be returned in the same format that they were provided, based on the above formats, aside from HTML files which will be returned in Word for your organisation to use.


Turnaround of translation work is done as quickly as possible, but if you have specific and short deadlines these can be accommodated with prior agreement. Work can be undertaken over the weekends where necessary.




£60 per 1000 words is the standard translation rate and Cwmni2 does not add any additional proof-reading costs for its own work.  Please get in touch however, if you need to discuss specific projects or situations where fixed budgets are involved.

Welsh Translation and Proof-reading
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