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Cwmni2 is able to offer a range of support work in terms of the internal compliance of organisations with current Equalities and Welsh Language issues.

Cwmni2 can provide you with a bilingual working version for you to use as a consultation draft in your organisation for example, which could help you achieve Equalities and Welsh Language targets quickly, if you lack the capacity to easily do so within your own organisation. Alternatively, Cwmni2 can provide consultation comments on draft versions if you require an external opinion.

This consultancy support includes the following areas:

Policies and Strategies

Drafting and preparing Equalities and Welsh Language policies, strategies and annual progress reports for the public sector -

  • Annual Improvement and Monitoring Reports on both Equalities and Welsh Language issues

  • Linguistic Skills Strategies

  • Strategic Equality Plans

  • Welsh Language Standards Compliance Reports

  • Impact Assessments (ensuring due regard for Equalities and Welsh Language issues)

Guidance Documents

Drafting and preparing staff guidance in relation to Equalities and Welsh Language issues -

  • Accessible Events Guidance

  • Accessible Voting Guidance

  • Consultation and Monitoring Guidance

  • Dealing with Complaints Guidance

  • Design and Print Guidance

  • Impact Assessment Guidance

  • Landlords Guidance (Social and Private)

  • Procurement and Commissioning Guidance

  • Signage Guidance

  • Welsh Language Translation Guidance

  • Welsh Place Names Guidance

The aim with the guidance documents has always to been to bring the legislative requirements and statutory duties down to a practical level, so that individual staff members in an organisation can carry out their day-to-day work in a way that embeds Equalities and Welsh Language principles.


Performance Management

Performance Management supports the entire organisation to perform at its best and provides the right environment for success and creative growth. It also is a key part in ensuring that organisations work within the regulatory framework that governs so much of the public, health and voluntary sectors for example, and so is a vital part of an organisation’s overall corporate governance.

Cwmni2 can offer practical advice and support in terms of where Equalities and Welsh Language issues fit into the Performance Management framework of your organisation, based on many years’ experience of mainstreaming these areas into various frameworks within local government.

Complaints Systems and Resolution

Cwmni2 has over 22 years of experience in dealing with complaints that have Equalities and Welsh Language aspects to them, both internally within an organisation, and up to and including the level of Welsh Language Commissioner Statutory Investigations and complaints that escalated to the level of the Public Service Ombudsman for Wales.

Cwmni2 is therefore able to provide support in a number of ways:

  • Providing a confidential and impartial checking of complaints or complaints responses with practical advice, feedback and suggestions, taking Data Protection and GDPR requirements into consideration;

  • Developing effective complaints forms and processes systems for organisations to properly record and monitor these issues, in compliance with the requirements of current Equalities and Welsh Language Standards legislation and regulations;

  • Providing the above fully bilingually where necessary.

Please note that whilst the advice given would be based on many years’ experience in dealing with complaints that include Equalities and/or Welsh Language issues, every complaint is unique and there is no guarantee that the allegation or defence would be successful.


If the allegation is of a serious nature, you should always seek legal advice from a professional specialist solicitor, or if defending an allegation, from your own legal officer or team. Cwmni2’s support in such cases is not meant to be taken as an alternative to these, only as additional independent advice in the specific matter under consideration.


Getting in touch

Please contact if you have any consultancy requirements based on the above information.

Equalities and Welsh Language Consultancy Work
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