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From the 1st January 2016, I have been working freelance as Cwmni2, a company I have set up to offer services and project support based on 38 years’ experience in local government in Wales.

Increasingly since 1998 that work specialised in Welsh Language and Equalities issues, in my role as a local government corporate policy officer.

I am available to carry out specific freelance project work for the public, health, voluntary and private sectors, to support you as you deal with the same kind of Welsh Language and Equalities work under relevant legislation.

I believe that I have made a positive difference in these areas during my career and I have earned a reputation with my colleagues within various organisations for being an innovative, practical and reliable person.

My on-going work in these fields has enabled me to continue to develop links across Wales with many other dedicated practitioners, in all sectors.


The areas of work in which I can offer project support and advice are all listed in more detail as individual sections on this website, but the pdf document below is a summary CV of my education, career and skills set, for information.


Please get in touch if you wish to discuss any specific projects that you have - contact details can be found here.


Dai Thomas

8th September 2023

About Me
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